CCCSIA/CCCAA Student Athlete of the Month Award sponsored by D3 Athletic

The CCCSIA/CCCAA Athlete of the Month program is coordinated by the California Community College Sports Information Association (CCCSIA) and the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA).

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May 2018 Michelle Santiago (Mt. San Antonio) and Brandon Crabtree (San Diego Mesa)
April 2018 Kseniia Prokopchuk (Cerritos) and Raymond Lopez (Glendale)
March 2018 Yukari Naono (Grossmont) and Ben Elder (Butte)
February 2018 Trinity Washington (Merced) and Jay Edwards (Santa Ana)
January 2018 Kasey Smit (Irvine Valley) and Tucker Eenigenburg (Bakersfield)
December 2017 Bri Moore (Sierra) and Dylan Martinez (Fresno City)
November 2017 Nao Bando (Sierra) and Johnny Rodriguez (Fresno City)
October 2017 Victoria Johnson (Long Beach City) and Manuel Fernandez (Mt San Antonio)
September 2017 Hannah McArley (Riverside City) and Raymond Lopez (Glendale)
May 2017 Juanita Webster (Cerritos) and Hayden Shenefield (Grossmont)
April 2017 Erica Vong (San Mateo) and Javier Callejo (Irvine Valley)
March 2017 Yasmine Jameson (Southwestern) and Darien McClain (San Diego City)

February 2017

Jade Nua (Citrus) and Jayvon Brown (El Camino-Compton)

January 2017

Janae Omusi (Saddleback) and Brian Beard (Chaffey)

December 2016

Melissa Dailey (College of the Siskiyous) and Derek Lee Loy (Sacramento City)

November 2016

Jenna Goldsberry (Fresno City) and David Van Weems (Cerritos)

October 2016

Mary Myers (Riverside City) and Angel Rojas (Cerritos)

September 2016 Sarah Miller (Long Beach City) and Jonathan Wong (Citrus)
May 2016 Rebecca Aguilar (Orange Coast) and Cravon Gillespie (Mt. San Antonio)
April 2016 Danielle Garrido (San Diego Mesa College) and Javier Callejo (Irvine Valley College)
March 2016 Jonnae Vermillion (Mt. San Antonio College) and Jalen Canty (City College of San Francisco)
February 2016 Gabrielle Vigil (City College of San Francisco) and Taylor Greene (Butte College)
January 2016 Britney Thomas (Mt. San Jacinto College) and Gerard Andrus (Cosumnes River College)
December 2015 Cayla Nava (Las Positas College) and Eduardo Garcia (Oxnard College)
November 2015 Carolin Chang (Santa Barbara City College) and Ethan Walker (College of the Canyons)
October 2015 Carolina Jaramillo (Cerritos College) and De'Jai Whitaker (Cerritos College)
September 2015 Riana Brennan (Foothill College) and Angel Rojas (Cerritos College)
May 2015 Summer Evans (Palomar College) and Diego Leon (Hartnell College)
April 2015 Kelsey Leonard (Diablo Valley College) and Brandon James (Diablo Valley College)
March 2015 Morgan Green (Chabot College) and Dusty Baker (Saddleback College)
February 2015 Celina Felix (Mt. San Antonio) and Cameron Leeper (San Joaquin Delta)
January 2015 Regerina Baker (Pasadena City College) and Samuel Williams (Mt. San Jacinto College)
December 2014 Kyla Burnley-Martin (East Los Angeles College) and Robert Chism (Cerritos College)
November 2014 Aminat Olowora (Southwestern College) and Jeremy Smith (Fresno City College)
October 2014 Nayeli Requejo (Cerritos College) and Marvel Harris (Butte College)
September 2014 Annie Mitchem (Irvine Valley College) and Arnulfo Olea (Fresno City College)
May 2014 Kaitlyn Garcia (Sierra College) and Kemarley Brown (Merritt College)
April 2014 Allison Gargalikis (Diablo Valley College) and Nathan Eshmade (Cerritos College)
March 2014 Katelyn Chenault (Allan Hancock College) and Patrick Geers (Saddleback College)
February 2014 Tayana Mata (Sierra College) and Edward Sanchez (Mt. San Antonio College)
January 2014 Janie Myles (Cosumnes River College) and Chris Reyes (Citrus College)
December 2013 Kelsey Shaver (Cabrillo College) and Alex Campos-Chambers (Sacramento City College)
November 2013 Laura Aceves (East Los Angeles College) and Lazar Andric (Long Beach City College)
October 2013 Samantha Madsen (Folsom Lake College) and Trevor Taylor (Mendocino College)
September 2013 Danyelle Allen (Saddleback College) and Will Reyes (American River College)
May 2013 Grace Graham-Zamudio (Glendale College) and Teivaskie Lewin (Butte College)
April 2013 Lauren Vossler (Golden West College) and Sam Bertram (Fresno City College)
March 2013 Emily Seidel (Mt. San Antonio College) and Garrett Nevels (Mt. San Antonio College)
February 2013 Tina Fantroy (Mt. San Jacinto College) and Matt Blanchard (Santa Ana College)
January 2013 Annie Avanessian (LA Valley College) and Drew Brandon (Sierra College)
December 2012 Aria Johnson (Cuesta College) and Brady Bersano (Fresno City College)
November 2012 Sakurako Fujii (LA Pierce College) and Ricardo Guimares (Golden West College)
October 2012 Katie Castro (De Anza College) and Matthew Correa (Cuesta College)
September 2012 Grace Graham-Zamudio (Glendale College) and Cameron Artis Payne (Allan Hancock)

May 2012

Aaron Tombleson (Sacramento City College) and Anna Miller (College of the Siskiyous)

April 2012

Rob McLean (Long Beach City College) and Samantha Springer (Chaffey College)

March 2012

Chris Low (College of the Canyons) and Devon Kelsey (Cuesta College)

February 2012

Remy Conaster (Saddleback College) and Shelby Blair (Cerritos College)

January 2012

James Walker (Citrus College) and Natalia Gibson (Cosumnes River College)

December 2011

Cara Curtin (Santa Rosa Junior College) and Eric Orozco (West Hills College Lemoore)

November 2011

Fito Rodolfo Juarez (Fresno City College) and Kailiponi McGee (Merced College)

October 2011

Jessica Domenichelli (Santa Barbara City College) and Daniel Herrera (Cerritos College)
September 2011 Lance Orender (Fresno City College) and Karen Rosas (Glendale College)
May 2011 Adam Bianchessi (Mt. San Antonio College) and Thuy Hoang (Irvine Valley College)
April 2011 P.J. Gabayeron (Cerritos College) and Molly Swartz (Sierra College)
March 2011 Ryan Tella (Ohlone College) and Kailey Snyder (Santa Barbara City College)
February 2011 Alex Sarkissian (Glendale College) and Shale' Garland (El Camino College)
January 2011 Terrence Boyd (San Diego City) and Camille Zumbro (Allan Hancock College)
December 2010 Jose Lopez (Cerritos College) and Micaela Pickens (Cypress College)
November 2010 Nick Lamaison (Mt. San Antonio College) and Danielle Low (LA Trade Tech College)
October 2010 David Cardona (El Camino College) and Cara Curtin (Santa Rosa Junior College)
September 2010 Lawrence Bardelli (Cuesta College) and Nicole Boyle (Cypress College)
May 2010 Chris Bernard (Riverside City College) and Amanda Fama (Cypress College)
April 2010 P.J. Gabayeron (Cerritos College) and Danielle Lavery (Orange Coast College)
March 2010 Jessica Varady (Ohlone College) and Roberto Padilla (Ohlone College)
February 2010 Lucas Hagberg (Skyline College) and Alex Shew (Porterville College)
January 2010 Roger Guardia (Cuesta College) and Samera Dorton (Riverside College)
December 2009 Perry Webster (Saddleback College) and Rayven Sellers (Long Beach City College)
November 2009 Nate Castillo (Golden West College) and Nina Moore (Glendale College)
October 2009 Luis Gonzalez (Cerritos College) and Kelly Barman (Cuesta College)
September 2009 Ray Holley (Orange Coast College) and Evelyn Calderon (San Bernardino Valley College)
May 2009 Curtis Mitchell (Southwestern College) and Missy Mendoza (Mt. San Antonio)
April 2009 Rikiya Yano (Orange Coast College) and Jessica Barfield (Cerritos College)
March 2009 Matt Parkovich (Santiago Canyon) and Kinyada Johnson (Pasadena College)
February 2009 Natalie Peng (Cerritos College) and Jake Eccles (Santa Ana College)
January 2009 Steven Ramos (Ohlone College) and Charity Smith (College of the Canyons)
December 2008 Angel Olea (Fresno City College) and Corina Villegas (Cerritos College)
Novemeber 2008 Crystal Reed (Orange Coast College) and Cody Vasconcellos (Sacramento City College)
October 2008 Jacob Harfman (Mt San Antonio College) and Monique Cisneros (Cerritos College)
September 2008 Manuel Batista (Long Beach City College) and Kelsey Duling (Mt San Antonio College)
May 2008 Jessica Navarro (Cerritos College) and Cameron Ray (Sierra College)
April 2008 Kamalpreet Singh (Fresno City College) and Caitlin McGrath (Cypress College)
March 2008 Chad Richardson (Saddleback College) and Nikka Campora (Sierra College)
February 2008 Randy Serrato (Long Beach City College) and Jen Cadmus (Modesto College)
January 2008 Justin Carter (Fullerton College) and Easter Faafiti (Pasadena City College)
December 2007 Victor Chinchilla (Taft College) and Samantha Taylor (El Camino College)
November 2007 Bryan Buhagiar (Cuesta College) and Corina Villegas (Cerritos College)
October 2007 Lamon Muldrow (Sierra College) and Caitlin Roarke (College of San Mateo)
Tove Berg ( Glendale College) and David Pittman (Pasadena City)
March 2007
Chelsea Butler (Golden West), Mike Marcial (Fresno City), and Gavin Reid (Saddleback)
Rene Escobar (Riverside) and Corrine Milligan (Citrus)
Courtney Ford (Orange Coast) and Eric Williams (Long Beach)
Jeanine Deno (Pasadena) and Terrence Johns (Bakersfield)
Emmanuel Jones (Riverside) and Ashling Taylor (Long Beach)
Sarah Apgar (Southwestern) and Vuna Tuihalamaka (El Camino)
Jeannette Diaz (Cerritos) and Jose Ruiz (Skyline)
May 2006
Cristina Hibbert (American River) and Tom Zaferes (Cabrillo)
April Caddell (San Bernardino Valley) and Dan Goldberg (Saddleback)
Lauren Ervin (Mt. San Antonio) and Maurice Purify (San Francisco)
Tracy Ryan (Sacramento) and Pearson Smith (Long Beach)
Dan Hestehauge (Cuesta) and Leslie Ortiz (Canyons)
Mike O'Hara (Santa Ana) and Kiwi Winkler (Orange Coast)
Jennifer Laumea (Riverside) and Yura Movsisyan (Pasadena)
Kyle Hughes (Saddleback) and Rebecca Reyes (Cuesta)
Jessica Scott (San Mateo) and Marcel Marquez (Canyons)

Nominations for the CCCAA Student Athletes of the Month should be sent to All nominations must be received by the date indicated below to be considered. Nominations must include a recommendation for the candidate, including a detailed listing of their athletic accomplishments in the month for which they are being nominated and overall to date, as well as a picture, preferably a head shot.

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