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The name of this organization shall be the California Community College Athletic Director's Association. 


The mission of this organization is to maintain the highest possible standards in community college athletics for men and women. The organization shall promote, encourage and direct efforts and activities which will benefit community college athletics throughout the state.


There shall be three classes of membership in this organization: 1) active 2) associate.3) lifetime 


The officers of this organization shall be: President, Past-President, Ex officio Past President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, and Treasurer/Membership Chairperson.


The Executive Board shall consist of the CCCADA elected officers, past president and one (1) representative from each all sport conference and one (1) member of each single sport conference. The Executive Board chair shall be the President of the CCCADA.


General membership meetings shall be held during the Fall, Winter and Spring. Executive Board meetings shall precede the general membership meetings. An annual conference and business meeting shall be convened each spring. Special meetings may be convened by the President or by request of a majority of the active members.


The President may appoint committees of the Association as necessary. These committees may be either standing committees or ad hoc committees appointed to accomplish a particular function.


Dues for our organization shall be established by the Executive Board.


Any article, section or provision of this Constitution or its By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed by the affirmative vote of 2/3 of the members present at a general membership meeting, provided a quorum has been established at the meeting. Each active member shall have one vote. Proposed amendments shall be presented, in writing, to the general membership one meeting prior to the meeting at which it will be voted on.


This Constitution and its By-Laws shall become ratified by the affirmative vote of no fewer than 2/3 of the total number of members present at the meeting in which ratification takes place.


Section 1. This organization shall include three classifications of membership: A) Active and B) Associate and C)Lifetime

A) Active membership. Any person serving in the capacity of Athletic Director in an accredited California community college may become an active member upon payment of annual dues.

B) Associate membership. These memberships are extended to people who, in the judgment of the Executive Board, serve the best interests of community college athletes. No dues are required for this membership. Active members may submit to the Executive Board names of individuals they wish to have considered for associate membership.

C) Lifetime membership.  This membership is designed for retired Athletic Directors or Dean of Athletics in an accredited California community college.  No dues are required for this membership.

Section 2. Membership shall extend from September 1st to August 31st. A membership card shall be provided by the organization and members shall be informed of all provisions and privileges of membership.

Section 3. Dues shall be collected by the membership chairperson. The amount of the annual dues shall reflect the anticipated expenses of the organization. Any dues revenue remaining at the completion of the membership period shall be carried over in the budget for the new membership period.

Section 4. A budget shall be prepared by the President and presented at the Fall general membership meeting each year. The budget will address all anticipated organization expenses for the following membership period. Ratification of the budget shall take place at the Fall general membership meeting.

Section 5. The fiscal year for the Association and the term of membership shall both be September 1 through August 31.


Section 1. Powers and Duties. The General Membership shall have ultimate jurisdiction in all matters relating to the purposes of the Constitution.

Section 2. Voting. Each active member shall be entitled to one vote in General Membership meetings. Associate members have no voting privileges.

Section 3. Proxies. In the event an Active Member is absent from a General Membership meeting, no provision may be made to have a substitute act as a proxy in that member's behalf. 


Section 1. Regular Executive Board Meetings. The Executive Board will conduct regular meetings prior to each regular General Membership Meeting, and the day prior to the opening of the Annual Conference.

Section 2. Special Executive Board Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the President when deemed necessary.

Section 3. Regular General Membership Meetings. A regular General Membership meeting shall be held the evening prior to the first day of each regularly scheduled California Community College Athletic Association meeting.

Section 4. Special membership meetings. These meetings may be called by the President or by request of a majority of the active members.

Section 5. Annual Business Meeting. The General Membership shall conduct a yearly business meeting during the Annual Convention.

Section 6. Conduct of Meetings. All General Membership and Business Meetings shall be conducted under "Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised".

Section 7. Notice of Meetings and Agenda. The General Membership will be notified in advance of Association meeting dates. Agenda items must be submitted to the President at least one week in advance of each meeting. Agendas will be available and distributed prior to the beginning of each General Membership and Business Meeting.

Section 8. Quorum. The presence of 50% of the Active members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of Association business. Action by such a quorum shall be as valid as action taken with all active members of the .association present.

Section 9. Legislation-Effective Date. Measures passed by the Active membership at any meeting shall become effective immediately unless otherwise specified, but shall not be retroactively in effect unless specifically noted. 

Section 10: The CCCADA has the ability to submit Form 5 legislation, in accordance with the CCCAA approved legislative cycle. All Form 5’s shall be vetted at a regularly scheduled CCCADA business meeting and submitted by the executive board. In the event that a Form 5 concept is presented over the summer, and electronic vote of the membership may be conducted prior to September 1st, in order to allow time for processing. The electronic vote requires 2/3 approval of the current CCCADA membership. (1st reading 11-2-17)


Section 1. Officers. The officers of the Association shall be elected from the active membership list of the Association: President, Past-President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, & Treasurer/Membership Chairperson, and Ex officio Past President.

Section 2. Procedure for selection of officers:

A. The Executive Board of the Association shall serve as a nominating committee and shall submit a slate of names for offices to be filled.

B. Nominations for office vacancies will also be solicited from the Active membership at the last regularly scheduled meeting held prior to the Annual Conference.

C. Following the nomination process a slate of candidates will be prepared. If there is more than one candidate nominated for a specific office, election will be by secret ballot.

D. Election of officers shall be held at the Annual Business Meeting.

E. Special elections may be held if a vacancy occurs during the year. Nominations and elections may be held during the same meeting should this special circumstance occur.

Section 3. Terms of Office

A. The President, Past-President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President and Ex officio Past President shall serve one year terms, with individuals holding these offices ascending each year as follows:

1)Ex officio Past President to regular Active member,
2) Past President to Ex officio Past President,
3) President to Past President,
4) 1st Vice-President to President,
5) 2nd Vice-President to 1st Vice-President,

B. The Treasurer/Membership Chairperson shall serve a one year term.

C. All appointed positions shall be for one year.

Section 4. Regional Representation of Officers. The President shall alternate between the southern section of the state and the northern section of the state on a yearly basis. Therefore, the incoming 2nd Vice-President shall always be from the region not represented by the outgoing 2nd Vice-President.

Section 5. Duties of Officers

A. President. The president shall be the chief executive officer of the organization. The term of office shall begin at the conclusion of the Annual Conference. President's duties shall be:

1) Chair all regular meetings of the Association.
2) Call and chair any special meetings of the Association.
3) Make all necessary arrangements (dates, times, locations, and rooms) for all Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
4) Contact all Executive Board members two weeks in advance of the dates, times and locations of all meetings of the Association.
5) Request of all members of the Association any item for discussion and/or action at Association meetings 
6) Be responsible for the agenda (typewritten copies for all members) at all regular and special Association meetings.
7) Distribute a copy of all minutes of all General Membership meetings to all active Association members. 
8) Represent the Association at all regular and special California Community College Athletic Association meetings.
9) Represent the Association in relations with other committees, groups and organizations as needed. 
10) Appoint committees as necessary to carry out the business of the Association.
11) Suggest changes and modifications in the Constitution and By- Laws as required.
12) Investigate any Association matter or situation which warrants such action.
13) Prepare a recommended budget to cover the operation of the Association for the ensuing year which will be presented at the Fall general membership meeting.
14) Work in close association with the treasurer in preparing financial reports, estimating revenues and paying bills.
15) Represent the Association in any reasonable capacity for which he or she is requested.

B. 1st Vice-President. The 1st Vice-President shall serve as the chief assistant to the President and shall serve as the chief executive in the absence of the President. 1st Vice-President's duties shall be:

1) Preside over all meetings in the absence of the President.
2) Represent the association at appropriate meetings and events in the absence of the President. 
3) Assist the President in the efficient operation of the Association.
4) Serve as Association Parliamentarian.
5) Communicate with the conference representatitives prior to each business meeting.
6) Chair the Annual Conference.
a) Serve as program and speaker chairperson. 
b) Conduct convention evaluation.
c) Present to membership written post-convention summary.

C. 2nd Vice-President. The duties of the 2nd Vice-President shall be:

1) Take minutes of all Executive Board and General Membership meeting, and provide those minutes to the President for distribution.
2) Organize the procurement, display and distribution of convention door prizes. Provide drawing winners with names of donors for sending notes of appreciation.
3) Design and assemble the convention program.
4) Perform other duties as assigned by the President.
5) Maintain and update the CCCADA web page and sponsor artwork.

D. Past President. The duties of the Past President shall be:

1) Procuring, engraving and distributing Association Honor Awards.
2) Procure Annual convention favors.
3) Provide refreshments for Association meeting as deemed necessary.

E. Treasurer/Membership Chairperson. The duties of the treasurer/membership chairperson shall be:

1) Recruitment of members
a) Mail-out publicity on membership and annual convention.
b) Personal recruitment at appropriate meetings.
c) Preparing and mailing membership application forms and conference registration forms.
2) Collection of membership dues.
3) Printing and distribution of membership cards.
4) Maintaining current roster of paid members
5) Maintaining Association financial account.
6) Providing financial report for each regular meeting.
7) Paying all Association bills.
8) Maintaining Athletic Director information file
9) Organizing the registration procedure for the Annual Conference
10) Register all convention participants, including the acceptance of registration fees and the issuing of receipts.
11) Distribute convention packets.

F. Ex officio Past President. The duties of the Ex officio Past President shall be:

1) Provide a historical perspective to the Association
2) Special projects as assigned by the CCCADA Executive Board


Section 1. Constitution and Procedures Committee. The Constitution and Procedures Committee shall be:

A. A standing committee of (5) Active members.

B. Appointed by the President at the Annual Convention to serve a one-year term, for the purpose of implementing any constitutional changes deemed necessary.

Section 2. Honor Award Committee. The Honor Award Committee shall be comprised of the Association officers. The Honor Award Committee shall be:

A. A standing committee.

B. For the purpose of soliciting nominees and selecting recipients for the Association Honor Awards.

Section 3. Convention Planning Committee. The Conference Planning Committee shall be comprised of the Association officers. The Committee shall be:

A. A standing committee.

B. Chaired by the 1st Vice-President

C. For the purpose of planning, conducting and evaluating the Annual Convention.

Section 4. Executive Board. The Executive Board shall be a standing committee of the CCCADA comprised of:

A. CCCADA officers and one (1) representative from each all sport conference and one (1) representative from each single sport conference.

B. Conference Representatives shall:

1) Be active members of the CCCADA.
2) Be the current president of the conference or designee.
3) Be submitted and approved by the CCCADA officers.
4) Provide updates from the CCCADA Officers to their constituents as a standing agenda item at all business meetings of their respective conferences.

C. The duties of the Executive Board shall be to:

1) Solicit, screen and nominate athletic deans/directors for vacancies on the Management Council.
2) Represent constituents/conference at CCCADA Executive Board meetings.
3) Approve annual CCCADA budget.
4) Perform other duties/functions as directed by the CCCADA President. .

Section 5. Management Council Selection Committee. The Management Council Selection Committee shall be comprised of the CCCADA Executive Board. The selection committee shall follow procedures outlined in the CCCAA Constitution, Article 4.4 with the addition of the following (approved October 30, 2013):

A. All nomination forms shall be received by the CCCADA President by January 15th.

B. The CCCADA President will e-mail each voting member the management council form by February 1st.

C. All voting will be submitted to both the first and second vice presidents unless either of them are candidates, in which case the president or past president will sub for them depending on whether the person substituted for is from the north or south.

D. In the event of a tie, the sport coaches association president for that sport will break the tie.

E. The CCCADA Board may use discretion in the Management Council recommendation by the CCCADA to enhance diversity.


Section 1. Convention Purposes. Each spring the Association shall plan and conduct a Conference. The purposes of the Annual Convention shall be:

A. For Professional growth.

B. For conducting Association business.

C. For the exchange of ideas and innovations.

D. For strengthening personal and professional relationships and

E. For establishing new acquaintances in an atmosphere of sociability.

Section 2. Site. The convention Planning Committee will select sites for the Conference based on the wishes of the majority of the Active members and within the concept of alternating the site throughout the state from year to year.

Section 3. Registration Fees and Procedures. The Annual Convention shall be conducted for active members, associate members, invited guests, and other interested parties.

A. A registration fee may be charged for each member attending. This fee shall be in addition to the annual dues, and shall be set by the Executive Board.

B. Registration fees may be waived for selected guest at the discretion of the Executive Board.

C. The Treasurer/Membership Chairperson shall organize and conduct all registration activities.

D. Solicitation of assistance from sporting goods vendors, other businesses articulating with community college athletics, and friends of community college athletics is encouraged.

Section 4. Convention. The Convention chairperson shall secure the facilities for the Conference, including arrangements for:

A. Meeting rooms

B. Lodging

C. Refreshments

D. Honor meal

E. Complimentary room(s) if possible

F. Special set-up requirements, as needed

G. Collecting all bills and submitting same to Treasurer

Section 5. Conference Program. The program organization and conduct is the responsibility of the 1st Vice-President. Included in program organization are:

A. Planning each session

B. Securing speakers

C. Conducting drawings for door prizes

D. Completing the evaluation process

Section 6. Annual Business Meeting. This meeting shall be for the purpose of:

A. Electing new officers.

B. Presenting a financial statement.

C. Presenting a proposed budget

D. Discussing changes in dues structure and conference registration fees

E. Discussing possible future conference sites.

F. Discussing suggested changes in the Constitution By-Laws and general procedures of the Association.

G. Other items of concern as requested from the Association.

Section 7. Honor Award Meal. This event shall be held during the annual conference. The purpose shall be to recognize those individuals who have been selected as recipients for the Association Honor Award. Also receiving a memento at this event will be the Association President.

Section 8. Door Prizes. A variety of door prizes will be distributed during the course of the Conference. All Active and Associate members are encouraged to bring items to be included in the drawing. Drawings shall be held between sessions, at the beginning and the end of the day, and at other times as determined by the 1st Vice-President.

Section 9. Convention Packet. Each registered Convention participant shall receive a packet containing, but not limited to:

A. A printed program of events, sessions, time schedules, association roster, evaluation forms, and other pertinent information.

B. A Convention favor.

C. A drawing ticket.

D. A nametag.

E. Local area information and promotional materials.

F. A luncheon ticket, and

G. A registration receipt.

Section 10. Convention Evaluation. The concluding session of each convention will include an evaluation of the event. The evaluation shall be written, using forms provided. Verbal comments shall also be solicited.