CCC Men's Golf Coaches Association Hall of Fame

2005 - Bob Eastwood (San Joaquin Delta), Rob Cerrudo (Chabot) Roger Maltby (San Jose) 

2006 - Bill Cunerty (Coach-Saddleback), Mark Weibe (Palomar), Ray Carrasco (Santa Ana)

2007 - Ray Balsey (Coach-San Mateo), Harley Dow (Coach-San Jose), Dick Lotz (San Mateo)

2008 - Brian Marshall (Coach-Ventura), Mike Reehl (Orange Coast), Dick McMinn (Coach- Grossmont)

2009 - Jay Yarbough (Coach-Chabot), Tommy Pera (San Jose) 

2010 - Dick Gorrie (Santa Ana College), Dr. Paul Chafe (Long Beach City College), and Marsh Shumaker (Citrus College)

2012 - Jack O'Keefe (Allan Hancock College) and Bill Nelson (Bakersfield College)

2013 - Luke Phillips (Monterey Peninsula College)
football coach from 1956-1986, men's golf coach from 1987-2001 

2014 – Scott Bentley (Grossmont) and Gregg McHatten (Fullerton) 

2015 – John Perkins (Reedley)

2016 – Tom Shine (Santiago Canyon), Louise Parks (Cuyamaca) posthumously and Bill Bachofner (Victor Valley)

2017 – Craig Barlow (Taft), Donald Stagnaro – (San Jose City) and Rod Souza (Chabot)

2018 – Tony Manzoni (Desert) and Mike Denne (Allan Hancock)

2019 – Dave Neer  (West Hills Lemoore) and Zack Papachristos (Chabot)