California Community College Athletic Association
Strategic Alliance and Partnership Opportunity for America's Businesses

A Strategic Alliance Collaborative of the CCCAA, its 108 California Community Colleges, nearly 2.6 million students, and over 26,000 student athletes statewide.


Program Overview
In Summer 1998, the CCCAA launched its first-ever comprehensive development campaign. The strategic partnership campaign has created a number of substantial partnerships for the CCCAA, which has strengthened its commitment to providing increased sales opportunities for partners at each of the 104 member colleges. This campaign provides partners with unprecedented access and exposure to the world's largest higher education market.
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Sponsor Servicing Positions CCCAA as Industry Leader
The CCCAA's corporate partnership program has an unprecedented servicing philosophy to its sponsors and partners. It's what sets the CCCAA program apart from other similar sanctioning organizations. Click here to see how we accomplish - every day - the unprecedented, sustained service that has earned high marks from sponsors and places the CCCAA program at the cutting edge of the sports sponsorship industry.
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For more information or to discuss your issues, needs, preferences and fiscal realities, please contact us in any of the following ways:

By Mail: 2017 "O" Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
By Phone: 916.444.1600
By Fax: 916.444.2616
By Email:

The CCCAA proposes that an initial qualifying meeting be held with your organization. This preliminary meeting, held at your convenience and site, will allow each entity to discuss preferred methodologies, approaches, etc. before moving forward. The CCCAA understands that companies engaged in sponsorship marketing in its truest sense are only interested in how the sponsorship can be leveraged to reach selling and other tangible objectives.

Contact us today to find out more about our unprecedented invitation to align with our system of colleges! On Pace To Exceed Three Million Hits This Year


System-Wide Partners


Jostens, Inc. 
Official Awards Vendor

Official Partner for Scoreboards & Video Displays

Official Fundraising Partner 

Official CCCAA Banner Partner

 Dick's Sporting Goods

Dick's Sporting Goods
Official Partner 



Sport-Specific Partners

Kap7 International
Official Water Polo Ball
Model: Hydrogrip
Through December 2019 

Wilson Sports
Official Football
Model: Wilson GST
Through June 2019

Official M/W Basketball
Men's Model: NCAA Solution B0700
Women's Model: Evolution B0586

Through June 2019

Official M/W Soccer Ball
Model: Forte Fybrid II
Through June 2020

Official M/W Tennis Ball
Model: US Open Extra Heavy Duty
Through June 2017 

Mikasa Sports USA

Official Men's Volleyball
Model: MVA200
Through December 2018

HL Corporation
Official Shuttlecock
(Model: HL Deluxe)
Through May 2016


Diamond Sports
Official Softball 
(Model: 12CALCC)
Through May 2019


Official Baseball
Through June 2020


Official Women's Volleyball
Model: IV58L 

Through September 2019


Major League Baseball

Official Championship Sponsor

Affiliate Organizations 

Coaches Associations

California Community College Cross Country and Track Coaches Association:
[Northern California] [Southern California]

California Community College Water Polo Coaches Association

California Community College Wrestling Coaches Association

California Community College Soccer Coaches Association


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