CCCAA Constitution

Full EXAM version of the 2021-22 Constitution and Bylaws (updated 7/26/21) - minor formatting fixes and resized the cover page - still wouldn't suggest mass printing as we may have changes to Bylaw 1 due to name, image and likeness (SB 26) next month.


Bylaw 1 has been updated to reflect NIL legislation adopted 8/26/21 and effective 9/1/21 as Governor Newsom signed SB 26 into law.   The version above will remain as the exam is based off of that version. 

2021-22 Constitution & Bylaws (updated 4/18/22) 4/18/22 updates - Appendix A updates, 3/8/22 updates - title page (adding Zedonis), changes adopted by the CCCAA Board on February 10 to Bylaw 7, Appendix A updates, 1/10/22 updates - changes due to women's wrestling and Appendix A, 9/10/21 updates - Appendix A update, 9/1/21 updates - changes adopted by the CCCAA Board on August 26, including Constitution Committee Recommendations and the changes to Bylaw 1 to comply with SB 26.  The NIL changes added two pages to Bylaw 1, which in turn added pages to the rest of the C & B, hence the updated sections with a September 1 date, including the forms, as they all have new page numbers.  

Table of Contents (1/10/22)
Article 1 (7/9/21) The California Community College Athletic Association
Article 2 (7/9/21) The CCCAA Board
Article 3 (7/9/21) Office of the Executive Director
Article 4 (7/26/21) The CCCAA Management Council
Article 5 (7/9/21) Conferences
Article 6 (7/26/21) Affiliate Organizations
Article 7 (7/26/21) Compliance & Due Process
Article 8 (7/9/21) Legislative Process to Amend the CCCAA
Constitution and Bylaws and the Championship Handbooks
Bylaw 1 (9/1/21) Student-Athlete Eligibility
Bylaw 2 (9/1/21) Recruitment of Student-Athletes
Bylaw 3 (1/10/22) Contests and Seasons of Sport
Bylaw 4 (1/10/22) Playing Rules
Bylaw 5 (9/1/21) Conference Membership
Bylaw 6 (1/10/22) Postconference Competition
Bylaw 7 (3/8/22) Awards and Recognition
Bylaw 8 (9/1/21) CCCAA Funds
Bylaw 9 (9/1/21) Medical Policies
Appendix A (4/18/22) Directory/Composition of CCCAA Board, CCCAA Management Council, Affiliate Organizations, and Committees
Appendix B (9/1/21) Form Descriptions
CCCAA Forms (2021-22) Downloadable Forms
Appendix C (9/1/21) Legislative Process
Appendix D (9/1/21) 4CA (Coaches) Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
Appendix E (9/1/21) CCCADA (Athletic Directors) Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
Appendix F (9/1/21) Concussion Management
Appendix G (9/1/21) Transgender Certification Checklist
Glossary (9/1/21) Glossary and Acronyms