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SCC Championship History   
updated through 2016-17 sports season

2016-17 Coaches of the Year

2016-17 Team Supremacy/Don MacKenzie Scholarship Winners

 [Men's Soccer] [Women's Soccer] [Women's Volleyball] 
[Women's Water Polo] [Men's Water Polo]

[Men Swimming]  [Women Swimming]  [M/W Track and Field] 

 Cross Country  Men's Soccer  Women's Soccer  
Men's Water Polo  Women's Water Polo 
Women's Volleyball   Men's Basketball  Women's Basketball
Baseball North  Baseball South  Softball  Track and Field  Swimming and Diving

2015-16 Coaches of the Year

2015-16 Team Supremacy 

2015-16 All-Conference Teams
[Baseball][Men's Basketball][Women's Basketball]
[Cross Country][Softball]
[Men's Soccer][Women's Soccer]
[Track & Field][Women's Volleyball]
[Men's Water Polo][Women's Water Polo]

Spring 2016 Standings/Stats
[Men's Swim][Women's Swim][Track & Field]

Fall 2015 Standings/Stats
[Men's Water Polo Stats][Women's Water Polo Stats]

Spring 2015 Conference Standings
[Men's Swim][Women's Swim][Badminton][Track & Field]

2014-15 All-Conference Teams
[Baseball][Softball][Men's Soccer][Women's Soccer]
[Women's Volleyball]
[Men's Water Polo][Women's Water Polo

Spring 2014 Conference Standings/Stats
[Badminton] [Men's Swimming] [Women's Swimming
[Men's Tennis] [Women's Tennis


South Coast Conference Awards
2014-15 SCC Supremacy Award
2013-14 SCC Awards
2012-13 SCC Awards 
2011-12 Supremacy/Don MacKenzie Award 
2011-12 SCC Coaches of the Year
2010-11 SCC Coaches of the Year 

SCC Don MacKenzie Award Recipients 08-09

SCC Coach/Supremacy Awards 09-10 
SCC Coach/Supremacy Awards 08-09


Fall 2013 Conference Standings/Stats
[Men's Basketball][Women's Basketball]
[Men's Soccer][Women's Soccer][Women's Volleyball]
[Men's Water Polo Standings][Men's Water Polo Stats]
[Women's Water Polo Standings][Women's Water Polo Stats]

Spring 2013 Conference Standings/Stats
Baseball [Standings][Hitting Stats][Pitching Stats]
Softball [Standings][Hitting Stats][Pitching Stats
Badminton  Men's Swim • Women's Swim
Men's Tennis
 • Women's Tennis

2013-14 Conference Championships
Cross Country [Men][Women][Recap]
Track & Field 

2013-14 All-Conference Teams
[Men's and Women's Cross Country]
[Men's Soccer][Women's Soccer]
[Women's Volleyball
[Men's Water Polo][Women's Water Polo]

2012-13 All-Conference Teams
Baseball  Softball
Men's Tennis • Women's Tennis • Track & Field
[Men's Basketball - North][Men's Basketball - South]
[Women's Basketball
[Men's Soccer][Women's Soccer][Women's Volleyball]
[Men's Water Polo][Women's Water Polo]

2012-13 Conference Championships
Track & Field 
Swimming & Diving
Cross Country [Men][Women][Recap]

Fall 2012 Conference Standings/Stats
Men's Basketball [Standings][Statistics
Women's Basketball [Standings][Statistics]
Men's Soccer Standings & Stats • Women's Soccer Standings & Stats 
Women's Volleyball Standings 
• Women's Volleyball Stats
Men's Water Polo • Women's Water Polo

Spring 2012 Conference Standings/Stats
Badminton • Baseball • Softball • Men's Swimming
Women's Swimming
 • Men's Tennis • Women's Tennis

2011-12 All Conference Teams
Baseball • Softball
Men's Basketball [North Division][South Division
Women's Basketball 
Men's Soccer • Women's Soccer
Men's Water Polo • Women's Water Polo 
Women's Volleyball

2011-12 Conference Championships
Cross Country • Swim/Dive [Team][Individual]
Tennis • Track & Field [Prelims/Finals][Team]

Fall 2011 Conference Standings/Stats
Men's Basketball Standings • Men's Basketball Stats
Women's Basketball Standings • Women's Bball Stats [overall][conf. only]
Men's Water Polo Standings • Men's Water Polo Stats
Women's Water Polo • Women's Water Polo Stats
Men's Soccer Standings • Men's Soccer Stats
Women's Soccer Standings • Women's Soccer Stats
Women's Volleyball Standings • Women's Volleyball Stats

Spring 2011 Conference Standings/Stats 
Badminton • Baseball • Softball
Men's Swimming • Women's Swimming 
Men's Tennis • Women's Tennis

2010-11 All Conference Teams
Baseball • Softball • Track & Field
Men's Basketball [North] [South] • Women's Basketball
Men's Soccer 
• Women's Soccer • Women's Volleyball
Men's Water Polo
 • Women's Water Polo

Fall 2010 Conference Standings/Stats
Men's Basketball Standings
Men's Basketball Stats [North][South]
Women's Basketball Standings • Women's Basketball Stats
Men's Soccer Standings • Men's Soccer Stats 
Women's Soccer Standings • Women's Soccer Stats 
Men's Water Polo
 • Men's Water Polo Stats
Women's Water Polo Standings
 • Women's Water Polo Stats 
Women's Volleyball Standings • Women's Volleyball Stats

2010-11 Conference Championship Results
Swim/Dive • Track & Field [Indiv][Team]
Cross Country • Water Polo

2010 Conference Championships
Swim/Dive Conf. Championship Results (4/22-4/24)

Spring 2010 Conference Standings/Stats
Baseball • Softball • Badminton • Men's Tennis • Women's Tennis
Men's Track/Field • Women's Track/Field
Men's Swim/Dive • Women's Swim/Dive 
Men's Basketball Standings 
• Women's Basketball Standings 
Men's Basketball Stats (North)
 • Men's Basketball Stats (South)
Women's Basketball Stats (North) • Women's Basketball State (South)

Fall 2009 Conference Standings/Stats 
Men's Cross Country • Women's Cross Country 
Women's Volleyball Standings • Women's Volleyball Stats 
Men's Soccer Standings • Men's Soccer Stats 
Women's Soccer Standings 
• Women's Soccer Stats 
Men's Water Polo • Women's Water Polo 

2009-10 All-Conference Teams 
Baseball • Softball
Women's Basketball
 • Men's Basketball North • Men's Basketball South
Cross Country
 • Women's Soccer • Women's Volleyball 
Men's Soccer • Men's Water Polo • Women's Water Polo

Spring 2009 Conference Standings/Stats
Men's Basketball Standings • Men's Basketball Stats [North][South] • Women's Basketball 
Softball Standings • Softball Stats 
Badminton • Swim & Dive [Men][Women] • Tennis [Men][Women]

2008-09 All-Conference Teams
Men's Soccer • Women's Soccer • Men's Water Polo • Women's Volleyball
 Baseball • Men's Basketball [North][South] • Women's Basketball • Softball • Track & Field

2008-09 Conference Championships
Cross Country • Swim & Dive [Individual] Team [Men][Women] • Track & Field

2008 Conference Championships
SCC Swim and Dive Championship Results: [Day 1] [Day 2] [Day 3