Skyline wins Coast Conference Wrestling Tournament

Skyline wins Coast Conference Wrestling Tournament

Skyline College posted 99 team points to win the Coast Conference Wrestling Tournament on Saturday.

Below are the top four place winners, Most Outstanding Wrestler and Team scores:

125 Pounds
1st Place-  Danny Borrego (Skyline)
2nd Place -  Brandon Mendoza (Modesto)
3rd Place - Brandon Julien (Chabot)    
4th Place – Raj Walker (Santa Rosa)

133 Pounds
1st Place - Jacob Delgado (Fresno City)
2nd Place - Tyler Poalillo (Santa Rosa)
3rd Place- Pakon Saksrithai (Chabot)
4th Place- Kevin Casillas (Modesto)

141 Pounds
1st Place - Abraham Del Toro (Fresno City)
2nd Place - David Ortega (Skyline)
3rd Place - Mario Martinez
4th Place - Juan Aguilar (Modesto)

149 Pounds
1st Place - Joshua Aceves (Skyline)
2nd Place - Blake Boswell (Santa Rosa)
3rd Place - Austin Graves (Santa Rosa)
4th Place – Bye

157 Pounds
1st Place - Joel Anguiano (Santa Rosa)
2nd Place - Zack Franco (Skyline)
3rd Place – Bobby Miquel (Fresno City)
4th Place – Christian Shelley (Skyline)

165 Pounds
1st Place -Ian Black (Santa Rosa)
2nd Place -Rafael Vega (Chabot)
3rd Place -Marc Chamberlain (Chabot)
4th Place -Domenic Camarena (Santa Rosa)

174 Pounds
1st Place - Anthony Cress (Chabot)
2nd Place - Cameron Casey (Santa Rosa)
3rd Place - Alonzo Cadenaz (Modesto)   
4th Place -Thomas Montserrat (Skyline)

184 Pounds
1st Place - Plancarte Hugo (Skyline)
2nd Place – Octavio Ruelas (Santa Rosa)
3rd Place – Kyle Thornton (Chabot)
4th Place - Bye

197 Pounds
1st Place - Lazaro Carrasco (Chabot)
2nd Place – Jose Ayon (Skyline)
3rd Place – Tristan Helin (Skyline)
4th Place – Diego Lopez (Santa Rosa)

285 Pounds
1st Place -  Ramon Guzman (Skyline)
2nd Place - Chumkuar Dhaliwal (Chabot)
3rd Place - Armando Barcenas (Fresno City)
4th Place - Joseph Salt (Skyline)

Outstanding Wrestler: Jacob Delgado – 133 Pounds (Fresno City)

Team Scores:

Skyline College           99.0 pts.
Santa Rosa Jr. College 82.5 pts.
Chabot College           77.0 pts.
Fresno City College     59.5 pts.
Modesto Jr. College     18.0 pts.