Santa Ana College softball players talk about the season stoppage

Courtesy Santa Ana College
Courtesy Santa Ana College

SANTA ANA – Many teams and student-athletes saw their seasons come to a premature ending as the world was hit by the corona virus (COVID-19) crisis. Recently, we caught up with a few members of the Santa Ana softball team to see how they are handling the situation and staying positive in these uncertain times.

Q&A with Emily Rosas, Madelyn Hodge and Airilin Ramirez.

1. Your team was having a great season, getting off to a 13-7 start before the CCCAA canceled all season for all Spring sports. What was your initial reaction when you found out?
Emily: My initial reaction was probably one of the truest forms of heartbreak. After every game I can't wait for the next, but then we were told there wasn't going to be a next. I was aware that there was a chance that our season would be postponed or even canceled but I never thought it would happen. I was on my way to work when the text was sent out and my heart just completely sank into my stomach.

Madelyn: I was really sad when I found out, I actually cried a little because we were doing so well and I'm convinced we would have finished at the top of the league and state. We called this season our ring season and all I wanted was to finish the great season we were having and head into the playoffs for my final year of softball. It's really hard knowing that this was my last season in the sport, and not being able to finish cut my goodbye to softball short.

Airilin: When I first found out about our season being canceled I was shocked and kind of didn't believe it at first. I was just glad that everyone on our team was safe.

2. How are you staying positive and resilient during this uncertain time?
Emily: Positivity is a word that stands in my life every single day. Even on my worst days I remind myself to flush the negatives and replenish it with positives. Right now, my main focus is the health and safety of my own family. I still run miles and maintain a workout routine daily to stay in shape and remind myself that I am still working to get better. I try to remember that I am lucky to still have eligibility, and that I can control how I come back from this.

Madelyn: It's hard right now to not have the distraction of softball or even sports on tv, but I've been working hard on my studies to finish the academic semester strong. I've been putting a lot more effort into academics lately as a way to distract myself.

Airilin: Texting and talking to friends have really helped me stay positive during this time. I also have family to lean on and this uncertain time has brought us closer.

3. What do you miss most about playing at SAC?
Emily: I miss seeing my best friends every day. On bad days, I got the opportunity to go to practice or play a game and be surrounded by my best friends that managed to always lift my spirit. I would do anything to be on that field every day with them again.

Madelyn: Genuinely, what I miss most about playing at Santa Ana are my teammates and coaches. They were always so fun to be around and they've provided so many laughs that I know I could not have gotten elsewhere. They're a great group of people and I definitely miss being around them all of the time.

Airilin: I miss being able to see all of my teammates and coaches every day. Yes, of course I miss the field and playing but it wouldn't be the same without the girls I play with. I miss them the most.

4. How are you moving forward and what are you plans for the future?
Emily: Right now, much like everything going on in the world, my future is uncertain. The only thing I know, is that softball is a part of that future wherever it may be.

Madelyn: This was always going to be my last year at SAC. I'm graduating with a couple of AA degrees this June and I'll be transferring next Fall solely for academics. I'm still waiting for to hear from schools like UCLA, UCI and UCSD. I won't be playing softball anymore but I know that I will continue to be around the sport somehow, even if its just watching games.

Airilin: My plans for the future are to stay another two years at Santa Ana unless I receive an offer to play at a university after next year.

(Courtesy Santa Ana College Athletics)